Practical Application of Motivational Interviewing Techniques in Hearing Clinic Workshop

Held at the Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras on 30 January 2020, the free workshop was in particular aimed at introducing audiologists on how to encourage patients to be more involved in their hearing management and teaching the audiologist on the techniques to engage patients own motivation to change.

The participants in the workshop were 25 MANSA members from varieties of sectors and organization (government, universities, private sector).

The following core concepts were covered in the training workshop:

  • Spirit of Motivational Interviewing
  • Principals of Motivational Interviewing and
  • Basic Techniques of Motivational Interviewing

The workshop was filled with a lively discussion session, interactive role-play and fruitful brainstorming. The invited speaker, Prof. Dr Firdaus Mukhtar was able to convey the information and lecture in such a way that attracts participants to be actively involved in all the session. It was indeed an informational and successful workshop.