Hearing Awareness & Screening Programme in Lahat Datu (co-organized by MANSA)

On 25 Apr to 1 May, a Hearing Awareness and Screening Programme was held in “the Land below the Wind”, Sabah. This programme is a collaboration between 4th year Audiology Student, Department of Audiology & Speech Pathology IIUM, Persatuan Ethnic Idahan and MANSA. One of our executive committees, Dr Sarah Rahmat, Exco of Student Affairs was also there during the programme. Many activities were done during this 5 days in Sandakan and Lahad Datu:

  • hearing awareness & speech talks
  • motivational talks for primary school students
  • hearing screening at Kampung Sepagaya & Kampung Segama
  • donation hand-over to the villagers
  • beach cleaning at Pulau Selingan
  • turtle adoption and last but not least,
  • learning about the culture of ethnic Idahan including visit to their bird nest heritage ‘Gua Madai’.

We would like to thanks the programme advisor, Dr Marina Alisaputri and the team who have worked very diligently to ensure the success of the programme!