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    The Malaysian National Society of Audiologists (MANSA) or Persatuan Audiologis Kebangsaan Malaysia is a professional association representing Audiologists in Malaysia. MANSA is an active and one of the contributing members for the Audiology committee under the upcoming Allied Health Professional Act.

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From our President

Greetings to fellow colleagues, audiologists and visitors.

Welcome to the website of the Malaysian National Society of Audiologists (MANSA).

It is my honour and privilege to be re-elected as President of MANSA for the next two terms (2016-2020) to serve all members as well as those in the Malaysian audiology fraternity. As the founding member of MANSA, it is of great pleasure to witness how the society has grown from where it begins. Thanks to all previous hardworking committees lead by our past-president, Darleena Abdul Aziz that make it possible for audiologists in Malaysia to have a professional organisation to call it “HOME”.

Audiology industry in Malaysia is relatively young as compared to many developed nations. It is our great duty to uphold the profession as well as create more awareness to the public of this professions and its role in the allied health fraternity. With the new gazette of the Allied Health Professions (AHP) Act 2016 [Act 774] on the 18th February 2016, this industry will soon be entering into the next phase of growth. Regulating the profession will be the main objective to make sure that we do not compromise our professionalism and the public are duly protected. However, there will be still a lot of hard work to be done before the full implementation can be enforced. Apart from that, as a growing industry, we foresee there are still many more issues need to be aligned with the AHP Act. Only with a strong voice we could work towards the betterment of the hearing health care industry. Therefore, I urge all audiology professionals in this country to join us to make this happen!

Many audiologists asked me, “what do I get if I join MANSA?

MANSA is like a home to a big family of all audiologists in Malaysia. We always contribute to our own family because that is where we belong. A family institution existed because of its members. Hence, MANSA existed because of all its members too. It is the members who decide the destination of the society and the audiology industry in Malaysia. Please join me and my dedicated team of committees to continuously make Audiology a field that we are always proud of.

Patrick Tan
Malaysian National Society of Audiologists




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